Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C. specializes in


Nutrigenomics is the medicine of the 21st century!  

At MTHFRandMore, our goal is to navigate the roadmap of your health and discover the SOURCE of your Chronic Health Issues.


Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C. utilizes a Functional Medicine Approach with specific emphasis on Genetics and the Methylation Pathway.  He will analyze Toxicity including Heavy Metal and Chemical,  Detoxification and Elimination.  It is important to note, it is not just MTHFR but the Entire Methylation Pathway that is critical to optimum health.  Dr. Veselak’s thorough analysis incorporates genetic testing and advanced lab testing to identify the underlying cause of the chronic health problem.  With his advanced training in Functional Medicine and Neurology he can help unravel the complex maze of genetic testing and nutrigenomics.

The methylation cycle is critical for a number of reactions in the body. By identifying weaknesses in the methylation pathway through genetic testing,  we are able to use Nutrigenomic analysis and supplementation to bypass some of these mutations.  This is the essence of personalized medicine!

Methylation deficiency can cause the following issues:

– Auto-Immune Disorders                          – Learning Disabilities

– Chronic Fatigue                                          – Memory Loss

– Concentration Issues                                 – Migraines/Headaches

– Hormonal Regulation Issues                   – Nervousness/Depression

– Immune Dysfunction                                 – Sleep Disturbances

– Issues with Pain                                          – Stomach Issues

– Lack of Focus                                               – Vertigo/Dizziness

The Human Genome project taught us that all genes do not express themselves and through healthy diet and lifestyle we have the ability to turn genes “on” and turn genes off”.  By addressing the MTHFR mutation and the entire methylation cycle we can use nutritional support to increase the ability of the methylation cycle to work more efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C. has been successfully addressing chronic health issues with his comprehensive and conservative approach.  We do not believe in the “one size fits all” theory, but rather that each individual is unique in not only their DNA blueprint, but the factors that may have caused these genes to express.  Dr.Veselak will customize and individualize his protocols based upon a thorough history and very specific lab testing to include Genetics, Complete Metabolic panel, CBC, Hair Analysis, Organic Acids Test, Kryptopyrroles and Bioresonance Therapy.  As each patients needs are different, we will discuss testing based on your initial consultation.

****It is also extremely important to note, not all mutations or SNPs express themselves.  It is important to have a Health Care Provider or Genetic Specialist unravel this complex maze and correlate it with symptoms.  

Your Privacy is important to us. Your information will NEVER be rented, traded or sold in any way. We guarantee your confidentiality.

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  1. My name is Scott Baker I live in Atlanta Georgia. I have been fighting lime disease and multiple coinfection’s for six years with minimal success. I’ve had recent genetic reports done through 23 and me, and I definitely have methylation issues. Basically it appears that I cannot detox my body the’s treatment often but comes as big of an issue as the disease due to the toxins. I would love to have a phone consultation to see what services you could provide in this area. I am not able to travel, but I understand the value of your time and will compensate you according


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