MTHFR and Folic Acid

Why Folic Acid Is Bad For MTHFR

Diet and Lifestyle factors are very important for genetic expression.  Folic Acid if you have a MTHFR genetic variant is not good for you.  Folic Acid is not the same as Folate.  Folic Acid is actually the synthetic form of Folate; these are manmade substitutes for real Folate. Our bodies can’t process is and in many cases we lack the enzymes to convert it to a useable for. It takes our body 4 more steps to convert folic acid to L-methylfolate.  It requires the MTHFR gene.


The excess folic acid will be stored in the body as toxins in our tissues and organs.

Unfortunately, many foods these days are enriched with folic acid.  It has been added to foods such as bread and cereals because there was research that showed that it lowered the incidence of neural tube defects in newborn babies.

There is also research suggesting that with the supplementation of folic acid it can also increase the incidence of miscarriages due to the increased level of toxicity in the body.

Even in a lot of prenatal vitamins the folic acid, the synthetic form is found.  I have had patients that were having difficulty conceiving or had frequent miscarriages and once I ran the genetic test showing a MTHFR defect our treatment plan became more personalized.  In these cases we instructed the patient to avoid all supplements with folic acid and all fortified foods with folic acid.  It is important to read the labels on your food to avoid this common mistake.

There are other health problems associated with unmetabolized folic acid such as cognitive impairment, anemia and cytotoxicity.  The risk of supplementing with folic acid is too great.


  • Have genetic test to evaluate MTHFR gene
  • Read Food Labels
  • Avoid Folic Acid Supplementation


  • Eat green leafy vegetables
  • Supplement with Folinic Acid or Methyl Folate


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