Dr. Michael S. Veselak, DC, BCIM, CFMP practice focuses chronic conditions.  He evaluates each patient from a structural, metabolic and neurological viewpoint.  This unique approach allows him to successfully manage difficult conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, spinal stenosis, autoimmune conditions, thyroid disorders and individuals suffering from chronic pain.  He has lectured extensively on the subject of chronic pain and recently wrote a book on Peripheral Neuropathy titled  “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now.”  He is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and a Functional Medicine specialist and has been in private practice for over 30 years in Camarillo, California.  His office incorporates advanced therapies to include Neurofeedback, PEMF, Hako-Med and Brain Based Neurological Therapies.



After over 30 years of clinical practice we realize the importance of developing a relationship with our patients and identify the root cause of the problem.  It is not about treating the symptoms and unfortunately in most cases there is no magic bullet that will become life changing.   However our personalized approach along with the proper testing to identify the source along with proper guidance and education leads to a blue print for optimum health.   With the data from your DNA we can even become more specific as to how to navigate the path to optimum health.  Our approach is conservative.  We only run the tests we deem necessary to identify the source of the problem and provide personalized nutrition to support the body.


Genetic testing is an incredible tool and piece of information to look closely at the methylation cycle and provide a guide for proper supplementation to bypass genetic weaknesses.  I am not in favor of testing without addressing the issues just for the sake of testing.  It should be testing that will provide us important information that we are willing to act upon.

3 thoughts on “MEET THE TEAM

  1. It sounds like you use Field Control Therapy. I can see how this is beneficial in finding not only the cause & priority of issues, but also finding & supporting organs/systems that are highly challenged (as opposed to forcing the weakened, stressed body to detox everything.. especially when there can be methylation issues. I started working with someone here in OH doing this (& using the same additional therapeutic treatments you list). But I mentioned my concern about possible methylation issues & concern about starting the treatment drops.. not wanting to just re-tox my body as practitioners have done in the past. But they said that doesn’t affect how they do things & to go ahead & start the drops. That we could look into methylation as part of nutrition later. So I’m wondering is there some way that FCT & the drops release toxins & remove them from the body without having to go through methylation.. or if it’s not considered such a big deal because support is given to stressed organs, such as my kidneys, lymph, etc. Please understand that I’m not asking for individual case info or medical advice. I’m just stating all this to give a better picture of what I’m specifically asking about.. (whether methylation cyles must be working properly to remove the toxins released with FCT drops). My body us in no shape to have toxins released from their deep holding places, just to flow through the body creating more symptoms, & then to just get re-absorbed by the body. I so very much appreciate your time & everything. Thank you so much.


    • I have a very good friend in Ohio that I learned from. I am sure that is who you are currently treating with. I agree with him that the drops should not impact the methylation process in a negative way. What he is recommending is how I would proceed and exactly how I do it. Good luck. You are fortunate to have found a great doc.


      • Bless you for this Dr. Veselak! I so appreciate your response & for helping with confidence around having found the right practitioner. I’ve really been through the wringer, as I’m sure you can imagine. Your patients are very fortunate!


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