Whole blood histamine is a lab test and an important marker for methylation levels and we can use it to determine over or under methylators. People with high histamine are undermethylators and individuals with low histamine are overmethylators.

People who are undermethyled tend to have lower activity of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. These are important neurotransmitters making the person prone to depression, OCD, Autism.

There are others that can be overmethylated. These people tends to have high levels of serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine. This increase in the neurotransmitter can make them prone to symptoms of anxiety, pain, insomnia, bipolar and paranoid schizophrenia.

Methylation is extremely important because if you have a methylation disorder it can alter several genes by turning them on or silencing them.

For instance, we know that the DAO gene is responsible for the breakdown of histamine. If we are not breaking down the histamine in our body, this will lead to high histamine levels making this person prone to undermethylation type symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia.

Overmethylation: General Characteristics

  1. High anxiety
  2. Sleep Disorders
  3. Food and chemical sensitivities
  4. Absences of seasonal allergies
  5. Dry eyes and mouth
  6. High Artistic qualities
  7. Adverse reaction to SSRI medication
  8. Improvement after Benzodiazapines
  9. Nervous legs
  10. Underachiever in school

Generally, these people improve with folate therapy.

Undermethylation: General Characteristics

  1. Depression due to low serotonin
  2. Addictive tendencies; OCD
  3. Good Response to SSRI’s
  4. Self motivate, very competitive
  5. Over achievers
  6. Low tolerance for pain

This group often shows a low level of methyl or SAMe, which donates methyl. To correct this, it is important to look at SAMe and Histamine levels to see where we need to supplement.



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