Partial Methylation Report/Sample



Unraveling this complex pathway through genetic testing can be quite a daunting task.  The methylation pathway is critical to so many key functions in our body. However through genetic testing and interpretation of the data we can begin to uncover many of the significant players in the methylation pathway.

The most common gene that a lot of us are familiar with is the MTHFR.  Thanks to the dedicated work of several individuals, they have brought the significance of this gene to the forefront and have helped a lot of individuals with their overall well being.  Unfortunately it is not quite as simple as providing a methylated B12 or Folate supplement to begin the process of better health.

A clear understanding of the entire methylation pathway and its actions are extremely important when providing recommendations to a patient.

We must look at lab markers such as Homocysteine, sometime Zinc and Copper levels to determine the proper course of action.  Is the individual over methylated which will bring on an entire different set of symptoms than being under methylated.

Dosing of supplementation is also extremely important as we do not want to exceed this individuals ability to properly methylate.

Along the way there are other variants that can affect our ability to properly assist our patient through diet and lifestyle. One of these significant factors is the CBS mutation.  I have come to learn that if this is present it is important to deal with this initially and properly.  Dietary recommendations such as a low sulfur diet are necessary as well as proper supplementation are extremely important if the individual is going to have success with their chronic health issues.

Please contact our office to have our expert team help you navigate the methylation pathway. 

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